OTRS Tuning: Part 3 - Managing Salutations, Signatures and Queues

OTRS supports custom Salutations and Signatures, that will be used with each ticket. Furthermore, OTRS also supports Queues to categorize tickets. For example, we can have separate queues for bandwidth problems, separate queues for routing problems.

This way, all the tickets may sorted out based on nature of problem and different agents may be assigned to different queues so that the ticket is handled efficiently.

Here's how we can manipulate them-


Admin > Salutations

Custom Salutation


Custom Signature ( Admin > Signatures)


New Queue (Admin > Queues)
While adding the queue
  • Make sure that the queue is assigned to the proper group
  • Proper system email address
  • Proper Salutation
  • Proper Signature


  1. can we configure multiple signature in single queue?


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