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How to create a site-to-site IPsec VPN tunnel using Openswan in Linux

This article was originally written for xmodulo.

A virtual private network (VPN) tunnel is used to securely interconnect two physically separate networks through a tunnel over the Internet. Tunneling is needed when the separate networks are private LAN subnets with globally non-routable private IP addresses, which are not reachable to each other via traditional routing over the Internet. For example, VPN tunnels are often deployed to connect different NATed branch office networks belonging to the same institution. Sometimes VPN tunneling may be used simply for its security benefit as well. Service providers or private companies may design their networks in such a way that vital servers (e.g., database, VoIP, banking servers) are placed in a subnet that is accessible to trusted personnel through a VPN tunnel only. When a secure VPN tunnel is required, IPsec is often a preferred choice because an IPsec VPN tunnel is secured with multiple layers of security. This tutorial will show how w…