OTRS Tuning: Part 1 - Agents and Roles

I'm attaching snapshots of basic OTRS Server tuning.

OTRS is highly customizable, and I would recommend you to explore the application to find out all the available options.

Part 1: Accessing

Login Screen

OTRS login page for users can be accessed using the link: http://IP/otrs/index.pl

Default admin username: root@localhost
Default admin password: root

Part 2: The Dashboard and Admin Page


Part 3: Creating Roles and Agents

Roles and agents are necessary to define which user can do what.We will be creating separate agents and roles, and assign agents to specific roles.

Overview: Roles (Admin > Roles)
Creating New Role
Overview: Agents (Admin > Agents)

Creating New Agents

Assigning Roles to Groups ( Admin > Roles <-> Groups )

Assigning Roles to Groups

Assigning Roles to Agents (Admin > Roles <-> Agents)
Assigning Roles to Agents


  1. Hi Amar,

    This was a good stuff, Could you please help me to setup agents with specific queues in OTRS 3.x version as i am facing issue with that

  2. Hello,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Here's what you could do-

    1. Create a group for your agents (could be roles - groups mapping)
    2. You could assign queues to groups - Admin > Queues

    Hope this helps.


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