RHEL vs. CentOS

When it comes to small business to enterprise level servers, a lot of professionals choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). However, I prefer to deploy Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS). I give my arguments -

  • When it comes to OS architecture, both RHEL and CentOS are identical.
  • Both RHEL and CentOS are capable taking really heavy load yet providing smooth, stable service.
  • CentOS is actually a clone of RHEL. All the function and features that RHEL offers, CentOS has the same features and functions.
But the MAJOR difference is that, RHEL is a COMMERCIAL product. Yes, surely you can download a copy of RHEL and nobody will ever sue you for that (as far as I know). But a free version of RHEL has some major limitations.
  • Finding and synchronizing with an online software repository for RHEL is pretty tough.
  • RHEL maintains it's own software and security repository, but it comes at a price.
  • CentOS also maintains it's own software repository, but it doesn't cost a thing.
  • CentOS can be easily synchronized with prominent online repositories such as RPM Forge and kernel.org.
  • CentOS ISO can be easily downloaded via FTP/HTTP/Torrent.
The only problem with CentOS is that, since it doesn't cost anything, it's less rapidly upgraded compared to RHEL. personally, I'm not in such a hurry in upgrading my Server OS. I'd rather be patient.

Can't wait for CentOS 6. 

CentOS rocks!!! 

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