Observium vs. Cacti

I have deployed observium in an Ubuntu (12.04) today. I have stumbled upon observium while searching for Network Monitoring software, and the demo seemed pretty impressive. The installation was not very hard, and observium has been running quite smoothly. Below, I give my opinion -

  1. Both observium and cacti have similar graph. But observium gives cool previews when the cursor is placed over the graph.
  2. observium has tool for real time graph ( with update interval as low as 1 sec O_O ) whereas cacti graphs are updated every 5 minutes.
  3. observium is an auto-discovery program, whereas in cacti, every graph has to be manually added. By auto-discovery, I mean that whenever a device is added, all possible graphs are automatically generated.
  4. Both observium and cacti provide a lot of customization for user access.
Still, I think I will be continuing using cacti. The main reason behind this decision is-
  1. observium can not work without proper DNS. Actually, auto-discovery protocol states that every device should be accessible by name. On the other hand, cacti can work smoothly with both hosnames and IP addresses. I know there are workarounds for the DNS problems, and anyone who can work with /etc/hosts can tweak it, but I see this as a drawback.
 So, I will be sticking to cacti. I have been using cacti for a while, and I am very happy with it. ^_^