Cacti Troubleshooting

Timezone Problem

If no graph is being generated and the cacti log keeps telling about timezone problem then this can be done:


My timezone is Asia/Dhaka, so I modifed php.ini accordingly.

Of course, PHP documentation should be consulted prior to editing php.ini. This may help:

Graphs Not Being Generated
The poller needs to run at least once for the RRD (typically stored in /var/www/cacti/rra/) files to be created. The graphs are created based on the RRD files. If the graphs are not created, the following can be done:

Manually running the Poller

Setting Up the Logger for Debugging

The logger can be set up for debugging mode from Console > Settings > General. Now, checking the system log may provide clues as to why the graphs are not being generated.

Setting Cacti Poller for Debuggin

Cacti Log can be accessed from Console > System Utilities > View Cacti Log File
Cacti Log

Hope this helps :)