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Custom Perl Script for Email Notification when Host is Down.

I have found the Perl script for ping in Cacti. I have modified that script to restart quagga service, save the date-time in a file and send email notification whenever a host is down.

Here it is:

[root@busy-bee2 ~]cat #!/usr/bin/perl # take care for tcp:hostname or TCP:ip@ $host = $ARGV[0]; $host =~ s/tcp:/$1/gis; open(PROCESS, "ping -c 1 $host | grep icmp_seq | grep time |"); $ping = <PROCESS>; close(PROCESS); $ping =~ m/(.*time=)(.*) (ms|usec)/; if ($2 == "") { print "U"; # avoid cacti errors, but do not fake rrdtool stats $comand = "/etc/init.d/ospfd restart; date >> /root/quagga_restarted; echo quaggaRestarted | mail -s quaggaRestartedFly user\@domain.tld"; system("$comand"); } elsif ($3 eq "usec") { print $2/1000; # re-calculate in units of "ms" }else{ print $2; }  

One can use as many…

Quagga OSPF Simulation in CentOS 6

This article is actually a modified version of a previous article IP DetailsAll the Routers in the diagram are actually CentOS Machines.

Router Alpha:
Router Beta:
eth0: eth1: eth2: Router Gamma:
eth0: eth1: ObjectiveWe would be configuring the Linux boxes with dynamic routing protocol OSPF for total connectivity. This would be done with the help of Quagga.

Router Alpha Configurationroot@alpha:~# yum install quagga

We would be configuring the interface parameters. Keep in mind, there are example configuration files stored in /usr/share/doc/quagga/

root@alpha:~# cd /etc/quagga
root@alpha:/etc/quagga# cat zebra.conf.sample > zebra.conf
root@alpha:/etc/quagga# vim zebra.conf 

hostname AplhaRouter password zebra enable password zebra ! ! Interface's description. ! interface lo description loopback ip address ip forwarding 
interface eth0 description LAN ip address 192.168.…